What to Expect

We ride sober 100% of the time. Because we have several recovering alcoholics in the group (and also because we don't particularly enjoy the atmosphere), we don't go to bars. Some of us will occasionally order a drink with a meal, but only if we're passengers OR going to be hanging out long enough for the blood/alcohol level to drop to zilch.

We play well with others, are generally courteous, respect each other, and ride as a team. If we're group riding, we frown upon someone who pulls out and speeds past everybody because he/she thinks the speed limit (or more often, speed limit + 5) is too slow, or who has temper tantrums (flipping people off or yelling curses), or who is generally obnoxious or profane. A fierce "loner" mindset doesn't work well with us. We all like and respect each other, and put up with each other's foibles because of that liking and respect.

We don't like brand bigots. Between ourselves we'll joke around about Harley/Honda/Yamaha/Suzuki or whatever other brands we're riding, but none of us cares. Most of our members have ridden a long string of bikes over the years, including in many cases some really tiny metrics (like 50cc or 125cc). We're also obviously not gender bigots since the club is composed of nearly equal numbers of men and women. Which brings us to...

We show respect toward women, both in and out of the club. In other words, we avoid inappropriate comments or sexual observations about women, at least in mixed company. This isn't to say that we don't share the occasional off-color joke or kid around, but there's a big difference between that and outright disrespectful or offensive behavior. That's a 1%er type behavior, and we're not 1%ers.

We don't like control freaks. This is a democratic club where all members have an equal voice in decision-making. We have no "inside circles"; our club president/coordinator has the same voting power as everyone else. Nobody is afraid to voice their strong opinion (or to oppose someone else's strong opinion), but at the end of the day a majority vote rules and we smile and go on.

We ride safely, using a staggered formation, hand signals, etc. Information about good group riding practices can be reviewed here: Group Riding 101. Please read this info before you ride with us, and feel free to ask questions. We'll be happy to help ease you into group riding if it's new to you.