Meet the Motorcycle Riders of the Steel Stampede

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"We're friends who ride together and enjoy each other's company, period. No hidden agendas, no politics, no bigotry, and no control freaks. We're in this to relax and have fun, not to build an empire."
"I see the club as the right people with the right agenda on the right motorcycles, namely:
1) People who get along well and know how to have a good time without having to be drunk;
2) An agenda of 'Ride safe and have fun';
and 3) The right motorcycles being those with two wheels."

The Steel Stampede Motorcycle Riding Club is a family oriented riding club near Dallas, with members in Plano, Sachse, and Garland TX. We ride year-round, both locally and cross-country.

Members are a diverse group of men and women riders, spanning a wide range of ages and occupations, riding whatever brand of motorcycle each likes best. At present the majority are Harleys, but we also have Kawasakis, Yamahas, Buells, Hondas, and even one Triumph! Everyone takes pride in their own "steel steed". The group has an easygoing, caring camaraderie that translates to a lot of laughter. When considering people for membership, the rider is always much more important to us than the brand of motorcycle ridden.

Individual initiative is encouraged. Every member has an equal voice in decision making for the group, which is generally done at our monthly meetings. Since we all get bored easily, we tend to ignore Robert's Rules of Order and focus on the important things: planning upcoming rides, discussing new ideas and suggestions, and eating. Members are allowed to disagree or politely argue opposing viewpoints with no hard feelings. All decisions are made by majority vote.

Guests are welcome to join us on rides, providing they've been invited by a member and have reviewed our Group Riding 101 information and read What to Expect When Riding With Us.

The freedom to ride... the freedom to have an opinion... the freedom to have fun... the freedom to meet new people and make new friends... the freedom to make a contribution... equal being a member of the Steel Stampede Motorcycle Riding Club.