So you want to join the Steel Stampede?

First of all, you don't have to be a member to ride with us. We ride with lots of friends who don't belong to any club, and others who belong to different clubs. In general, if you're a safe rider and don't act like a jerk, you are welcome to ride with us. In addition to club members, we maintain a MeetUp site to let folks know when and where we're getting together.

Steel Stampede club members have the right to wear the club patch, attend our monthly planning meetings, and to vote on every aspect of club business. We all help out with club functions, anything from leading a ride to hosting a meeting to sending out announcements.

The Membership Process

The first step is for you to get to know us, and for us to get to know you. There’s nothing like riding with a group for a while to decide whether or not you want to be affiliated with them! We encourage prospective members to ride with us many times before pursuing membership in the club -- this is a good thing for you and for us. Sometimes things work out fine, and sometimes they don't. Better to find out early in either case.

Is the Steel Stampede MRC Right for You? What You Can Expect.

The next step is to find a sponsor. All prospective members must be sponsored by an active member. Your sponsor will help you through the membership process, answer questions, and generally educate you about the club. Since the member's reputation is on the line, the duties of sponsorship are not taken lightly.

We don't make prospective members wear "prospect" patches or perform embarrassing menial chores. At the same time, we don't invite them to business meetings, give them voting rights, or allow them to wear the club patch until they actually become members.

When the sponsor decides the time is right, he or she will recommend to the club that the prospective member be allowed to join. At a regular club business meeting, the situation will be discussed and decided by a vote. There are three possible outcomes to this discussion:

  1. We invite the person to become a full member.
  2. We decline to offer membership.
  3. We decide to wait a while and set a date to bring it up again.

It is then the sponsor's duty to communicate the decision to the prospective member. As you can see, we place a lot of the burden on the sponsor. For that reason, it is usually beneficial for you to ride with us for a while and get to know folks before pursuing membership.

Any member is free to resign at any time, for any reason. You don't have to make a big deal out of it - just let us know that you want to resign, and it's a done deal.